Hush Buddy 2 Pack

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Better Bedtimes in a Box!
The perfect way to set up TWO soothing sleep spaces for your toddler! Features 2 complete Hush Buddy Sleep Systems.
Arrives in a matter of days!

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Availability: 89 in stock

A 2 Pack Hush Buddy® sleep systems.  A perfect bundle for grandparents with multiple grandkids who struggle at bedtime!
Whisper, the Hush Buddy® teaches your toddler (ages 2 to 4+) to go to sleep quickly and quietly. Meanwhile, our Parent’s Guide to Better Bedtimes shows YOU science-based fundamentals to make bedtime better night after night.
  • 2 Whisper, the Hush Buddy® intelligent night-lights
  • 2 free children’s bedtime story books
  • 2 Parent’s Guide to Better Bedtimes
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the United States!
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Dimensions8 × 8 × 12 in

1 review for Hush Buddy 2 Pack

  1. Joann

    I got the 2 pack because my grandson really has trouble with bedtime at his house and I wanted him to have one at home, and here when he sleeps over (which he does a lot). The nice thing was, I didn’t seem like a pushy grandma. He fell in love with Whisper here, so I was able to send a kit home with them. What a difference in him when he has sleep.

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