Weighted Hug Blanket 2 Pack

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This 2 pack of our luxurious 5 pound weighted “Hug Blanket” comforts toddlers ages 3+ (30 lbs. and up) at bedtime. Includes 2 blankets and 2 copies of “Whisper and the Hug Blanket” story book!


Availability: 32 in stock

Treat your toddler age 3+ (30 lbs. and up) to the amazing comfort of a weighted blanket. We call it a Hug Blanket because it’s the blanket that hugs you back.
From the luxurious Minky lining to the comforting, gentle 5 pound pressure, the Hug Blanket is built to help relieve bedtime stress in your child.
Our Hug Blanket 2 pack helps you kiddo have a consistent sleep environment wherever they sleep. Keep one at Grandma’s house!
The Hug Blanket 2 Pack includes 2 copies of the sweet bedtime storybook “Whisper and the Hug Blanket”. The lilting verse and rich illustrations with help your little one drift off to sleep thinking of all the people who love them.
Machine washable, 100% Minky cotton.
Carrying case included.
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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions48 × 36 × 1 in